Minutes 9/28


Meeting was held on Thursday September 29, 2022 at Green Valley in Waukon at 7:00.
Meeting was called to order by President Jeremy Bjerke.
The July Secretary minutes were approved. 1st Sara Miller 2nd Don Herman
The August Treasurers report:
Expenses: $ 121.00
Income: $ 15.00
Cash Total: $ 34,331.48

Old Business:
Ragbrai – About 15 rigs participated and was a big success. The application is being worked on for receiving a part of Lansing’s profit from Ragbrai.
Clothing – There is a potential replacement for Russell Perkins, but if anyone is interested let an officer know.
Land Acquisition – Krystal Cahallan spoke about where this process is at. There are 2 major things being worked on at the current time 1) who should own the land 2) the impact study. It was suggested that the club not own the property in case the club disbanded. It is possible that the County Conservation Board or the City of Waterville could be the owners. Once the land owner is secured then we can move forward. Phase 1A (at a cost of $3,800) is underway. When this is done Phase 1 will be triggered. The Ecological study has been finished. Phase 1 is the expensive portion. We will have to front the cost and will reimbursed afterwards. The appraisal was approved. This is a difficult lengthy process and is still moving forward with a DNR meeting every month. The State Legislators have been involved with every meeting.
New Business:
Waterville ride on October 1st. Our club is encouraged to help keep the crowd in line.
Winneshiek ride for the first time will be held on October 22. The cost is $50 per unit and everyone is encouraged to trailer in since driving on streets in Decorah is not legal. This is put on by LA communication and will benefit the Decorah Elks and the Fair Association.
Some website analytics were noted. In the last 90 days there were 1055 views with 235 users.
Anyone that wants can pay their 2023 dues tonight.
Tim Miller made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Barb Thompson.
Respectfully submitted,
Linda Herman