Meeting | October 17, 2021

Meeting was held on October 17th at 12:30 at the George Beardmore Farm. There were 44 memberships represented at the meeting.

Meeting was called to order by Vice President Dean Anderson.

The minutes of the last meeting were sent out and no request was made to have them read. Marlene Blocker motioned to accept the minutes with a second by Norma Fish.

Treasurer’s report was given. Income during the month of September was $429 with checks to Iroc Web Design and Epic Wear totaling $1,069. Cash in checking, savings and CD’s totaled $29,510.30. A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report by Tim Miller and seconded by Jamie Cahalan.

Old Business:

  • Maps – Don Herman reported that 24 of the $100 sponsorships have been achieved so far out to the 50 possible. Eight of these have signed up to sponsor the Website at an additional $150. The committee is continuing to follow up on the remaining contacts.
  • Logo – A handout was given to all in attendance. Linda Herman led a discussion on what a logo is meant to accomplish. With that in mind and their personal preference, all were asked to circle one of the three logos that they liked the best. Everyone was encouraged to write down any constructive comments. A big thank you to the map committee and Russell Perkins in working thru this difficult task. The club will own the logo and it can be used with any vendor.
    • Note of results: After tallying the results, 68% voted for the design to the right. Several comments were taken into consideration of removing the helmets and adding a small flag on the machine. The committee moved forward with that design. Some comments were to add more to this logo, but that will be done with the clothing in the future. Such things as American Flags, Rivers, Mud, Tire Tracks etc will all be able to be in the background of the logo. The logo will be black and white for purposes of the invoices, letterhead etc. Colors can be used in any way on clothing/hats/koozies. Several comments were to use a different machine, so those comments will be considered in apparel ordering, but not in the logo itself. Please be sure and let Russell Perkins know of anything you’d like to see in way of clothing.
  • UTV park – Dennis Blocker gave an update on the UTV park. Land is getting an appraisal in late November. The State will pay the club back in February regardless if the land is purchased or not.

New Business:

  • Rusty’s Ride – Jim Evanson encouraged people to support this ride. Meet at Green Valley at 11:00 on October 23rd. The cost is $10 a person and supports a good family.
  • Dolly Panos spoke about a ride they did for Kick it Back which supports Kids with no Healthcare. She spoke with one of the land owners about having a club ride there. They were willing to consider that. This could possibly happen next year.
  • Next meeting – The club is looking at possibly having the next meeting at the Empty Nest Winery with a Pre-Ride. Possibly a holiday party for the club. Nominations will need to be made for the board and officers at that meeting. Dennis Herman and Tim Miller’s term of the board of directors will end. Elections will be at the January meeting. The other members of the board are Jeremy Bjerke (2022), Jamie Cahalan (2022) and Chad Radloff (2023). Officers of the club are elected for one year while the directors are for 3 years.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Sara Miller and seconded by Jeremy Bjerke.

A ride through George Beardmore’s property followed the meeting. Thank you to the Beardmore family for again hosting our club for a ride.

Respectfully submitted by Linda Herman