Meeting | May 15, 2021

Meeting held on May 15, 2021 at Larsen’s UTV Trails and Rentals in Eastman Wisconson.

Meeting was called to order by President Beau Bennett. He extended a huge thank you to Kevin, Dick & Travis Larsen for allowing our club to ride their trails. There were 111 memberships/machines in attendance.

The minutes of the last meeting were e-mail out. Kim Kregel moved to approve the minutes as sent and Harold Thompson seconded.

Treasurer’s report was given. Income during the month of April was $425 with expenses of $55 for stamps. Cash in checking, savings and CD’s totaled $27,993.44. Kim Kregel moved to approve with a second by Neil Kregel.

A short review of the actions of the committee working to obtain a UTV park was held. Last week a meeting was held with local government officials. Next week will be a meeting the head of the DNR.

New Business:

  • Maps – Don Herman gave a report on work done on the process of getting new maps. Don attended the Crawford County ATV/UTV meeting, where new maps were handed out. Discussions were held with the people involved in that process for Crawford County. A software is available that will be able to create the map with sponsors information. This could make the maps available online and can be used for printing. The committee would like approval to continue to pursue this. A motion was made to proceed by Neil Kregel and seconded by Kelvin Buhrow.
  • Clothing – Beau Bennett and Rusty Perkins spoke about new idea’s for clothing. There were several new idea’s that Rusty would like to move forward with the designs. Jamie Cahalan motioned to proceed and Dennis Herman seconded.

A motion to adjourn was made by Kim Kregel and seconded by Laurie Koozer.

The groups spent the day in small groups exploring the Larsen Trails.

Respectfully submitted by Linda Herman