Meeting | December 4, 2021

Meeting was held December 4th at 1:00 at the Red Barn in Lansing. There were 15 memberships represented at the meeting. Meeting was called to order by President Beau Bennett.

The minutes of the last meeting were sent out. Harold Thompson motioned to accept the minutes with a second by Dennis Blocker.

Treasurer’s report was not given. The Treasurer was unable to attend. This information is from Sara’s written report. Income during the month of November was $3,820.

  • Kaeppel poker run donation: $ 820.00
  • Map & Web Sponsorships: $2,900.00
  • Donation from Roger Winter’s employer: $ 100.00

Checks to Iroc Web Design for $438.75 and Sumner Products Beverage Buddee $83.70. Cash in checking, savings and CD’s totaled $37,019.48.

Old Business

  • An appraisal was to be done in January for the land for the UTV park. This has been postponed.

New Business

  • Clothing – Russell Perkins is interested in having help over the winter with clothing while he is out of state. Casey Beisker and Lori Koozer will help over the winter.
  • Landowner Gift Certificates – A motion was made by Bob Nargang to give the landowners $50 gift certificates to show appreciation. The motion was seconded by Casey Beisker.
  • Elections will be held in January. The following nominations were made.
    • Director on Board – No nominations were made, however Dennis Herman is interested in running again. Director on Board – No nominations were made.
    • President – Jeremy Bjerke nominated by Bob Nargang
    • Vice President – Krystal Cahalan nominated by Dennis Blocker.
    • Secretary – Linda Herman is willing to continue
    • Treasurer – Is Sara Miller willing to continue?

The Red Bard wants access. A bridge is needed. It’s possible to put in paperwork with park to be paid. There may be an old snowmobile bridge that can be used.

A motion was made to adjourn by Dennis Blocker and seconded by Lori Koozer.

Respectfully submitted by Marlene Blocker (and Linda Herman)