Meeting | April 17, 2021

Meeting held on April 17, 2021 at Iron Hill Power Sports at 1:00. Thank you to the new owners in hosting our meeting.

Meeting was called to order by Vice President Dean Anderson. Twenty-eight memberships were represented.

The minutes of the last meeting were e-mail out. In the discussion, it was noted that the Treasurer’s report was not included. The reason was due to the public location. Dennis Herman moved to approve the minutes as sent and Pie Donahue seconded.

Treasurer’s report was given. Income during the month of March was $547 with expenses of $200 for the Landowner gifts. Cash in checking, savings and CD’s totaled $27,622.65. Norma Fish motioned to approve the Treasurer’s report with Tim Miller seconded.

Some upcoming rides/events were discussed:

  1. May 1 – Krystal Cahalan is coordinating a ride at the Fort Dodge Park. See the end of the minutes for more information on this ride. This will be a great opportunity to see what a park may look like if one is built in NE Iowa. There are still campsites available.
  2. May 15 – A ride will be held in Eastman Wisconsin at the property of Kevin & Dick Larson. Bring Lunch with a possible group lunch. The address will be posted on Facebook. No gate fee will be charged but a free will donation would be appreciated. PLEASE NOTE: The next meeting will be held at this ride.
  3. July 31st – Farmersburg Ride
  4. August 28th – Eitzen Lions will hold their ride on Aug 28th. Also, it is possible that the Hospital has picked this date for their fundraiser.
  5. September 18 – Lansing Fire Department ride. The LFD has asked for help to manage a larger group. Goal would be to help break into groups and possibly have groups go in opposite directions.
  6. Oct 2nd – Waterville Fire Department ride

New Business:

  • Maps – Dennis Herman spoke about a need for new maps as several sponsors have closed or changed owners. Volunteers were recruited for a map committee with Don Herman and Pie Donahue volunteering. Additional volunteers are welcome to come forward. They will identify details of the previous map (Dennis Blocker/Roxanne Hawkins as resources) and work on information to bring back to the club.
  • Ditch Cleanup – Sunday April 25th has been set as ditch cleanup day. Beau will work with the sherriff department to get this approved. An e-mail will be sent out this week. Bright Reflective clothing is encouraged (Possibly Fair T-shirts with ATV emblem). Doug Kubitz asked that people be on the lookout for a nozzle that was lost by the Waterville Fire Department.
  • Website – The club would like to have a website. A calendar of events, a map of Allamakee county’s ATV travel routes, County ATV rules and many other items could be hosted on the website. Looking for suggestions for a person that could do this. The club may be open to paying someone that we could work with.

A short review of the actions of the committee working to obtain a UTV park was held.

A motion to adjourn was made by Beau Bennett and seconded by Julie Herman.

Respectfully submitted by Linda Herman

The following information was provided by Krystal Cahalan for the May 1st ride.

As a member of the club’s Park Committee, I am inviting the club to visit Gypsym City OHV Park in Fort Dodge IA on Saturday May 1st. The purpose is to familiarize the group with a park in our state. Come anytime, make it a day trip or camp at the on site campground.

If you would like guidance to get started, I will be in the parking lot at the entrance at 10:00 am. I will also be at the mudding area near trail 202 at noon if you would like to meet up. These are the only 2 plans I have so come and go as you like, bring your own food and drink and have fun.

It will be difficult to stay together on the trails, so explore on your own. There is signage rating the trails difficulty level, maps available online and on site.

Please refer to Gypsym City OHV website for accurate information but here are some highlights:

  • entrance gate width is 65″
  • helmets required
  • ATV/UTV must be DNR registered, no other waivers or fees
  • Out of state vehicles need proof of registration in their state
  • park may close if trail conditions deteriorate, refer to the website for up to date closure information (campground remains open if the trail system is closed)
  • campsites and tiny homes are reservable on the Gypsym City OHV website if you wish to stay
  • there are also motels a couple miles away in Fort Dodge and some have approved routes to the park by machine.

More information.

The park has 800 acres and 60 miles of trails, ranging from easy to difficult and challenge courses. There is something for everyone. Hope to see you there!

Please PM or email Krystal Cahalan with any questions