Meeting: May 2


Meeting was held on Sunday May 1, 2022 at the Spillway in Harpers Ferry at 1:00. A Ride was held from Waukon to Harpers. Thirteen rigs participated in the ride. A big thank you to Jeff & Penny Sweeney for letting us park trucks and trailers in the auction parking lot!

Meeting was called to order by President Jeremy Bjerke. Twenty-eight memberships were represented.
Both the January and March Secretary minutes were approved. January – 1st Sara Miller, 2nd Tim Kelly. March – 1st Mary Kelly, 2nd Dan Cunningham.
The February Treasurers report was given
Expenses: $ 308.00
Income: $ 715.00
Cash Total: $37,651.04

The March Treasurers report was given
Expenses: $ 1,263.07
Income: $ 502.00
Cash Total: $36,890.59

Old Business:
Map – Don Herman gave an update that maps have been received. All sponsors have received an acrylic holder and 25 Maps. Each holder has a phone number to text when they need more maps. All members were invited to take a map. The map income was $6,400, while the expenses were $3,820.96 leaving a profit of $2,579.04. We may need to use some of this to reprint maps if the 2000 ordered aren’t enough.

UTV Park – Jamie and Krystal Cahalan spoke about the new UTV park possibility. The committee will meet again on Tuesday May 3rd. An Archeological opinion is needed and will need to have an application made. A motion was made to pay the fee for the opinion, 1st by Sara Miller, 2nd by Jim Evanson. This fee should be reimbursed also.
For the past two years, the UTV/ATV club has sponsored Country on the Creek but was paid for by past president Beau Bennett. The sponsorship is $350. We are waiting to see if we could offer assistance in some way other than monetarily.

Spring Clean-up day was a success with over 40 people participating. Keep Iowa beautiful furnished one box of trash bags and one grabber. A big thank you to Clark Tire for providing a dumpster for our trash bags and a place for the recyclable items. The club voted to give Dave Clark a life time membership for the expense he incurred. Motion 1st by Jeremy Bjerke and 2nd by Tim Miller. Pictures and details will be uploaded to the Keep Iowa beautiful site also.

Ragbrai – There will be lots of opportunities to help with hauling people and bikes on the Saturday, July 30. Last year there were 10 rigs and were busy from noon on. It was felt that 30 machines could be kept busy.

Jeremy Bjerke gave a brief description of HF2130. It is still going thru the senate with additional amendments that clarify wording.

Bicycle 100 – Don Herman reminded the club that volunteers will be need for this event in June.
Several upcoming area rides were talked about. Eitzen Lions ride is August 13th. The Shawn Moody Benefit will be held June 25, leaving from Waterville.

An apology was made to the club due to a glitch in some e-mails that were rejected. Working to resolve the issue.

Jamie Cahalan made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Sara Miller.
Respectfully submitted,

Linda Herman